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Space  of  the  memory

Recently, I realized the art is the special process of understanding.

The work of artist is the process of deep understanding of the human and the nature.

In my case, in the process of understanding, I can be aware of myself well.

Furthermore, in the process of creation, I can have the time to reflect on myself seriously.


As I understand myself with my artwork, I can understand more about our circumstances and society.

The work of artist is another way of expression regarding the understanding of artist.


If the artist doesn’t perceive the value of the spirit and value of the human, then the artist’s work will be governed by other people’s value

So, it is impossible to expect real art from the person who doesn’t know about oneself.


In the process of working, I could realize and understand about the art slowly.

It is not the answer about “What shall I creat ?”

The answer is clear.

It is the process of understanding about the human life in the nature.



Artist can be exist only with finding the special words to show the one’s emotion and the status of mind.



by eunha jung 

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